Sunday, 8 December 2013

Berlin 14.3.13

I keep a journal off all my travels with Billy, that's what the blog will be, the shite i wrote while we were away. The first trip was a surprise trip to Berlin.

 "We arrived yesterday. We got lost attempting to find the Leonardo Royal Hotel but enjoyed scenic views of Berlin high rises, they're not the same as scottish high rises. We also learned what 'PASS' meant while trying to buy cigarettes. evidently pass means ID to prove you're over 18."
"We got lunch in a wee cafe and then went to see the monsters of men gig in Colombia hall. Great gig and lots of been was consumed. We has a couple more pints on the way home at a hostel bar where finding the toilet was a 3rd floor, locked door 20 minute mission."

So that was the journal entry i'm now writing in retrospect. The Hotel we stayed at was alright but probably wouldn't recommend it as it was only OK. We got significantly lost in the surrounding area which i can confirm is not dodgy. So if you want an alright hotel in an area ya can walk round without fear, is close to trains and close to the centre then Leonardo Hotel Berlin will do ya nicely. My major issue about this hotel was the toilet layout. They had a shower in one room and the toilet in another. When in Berlin Billy and I had not been together for too long and the room layout made the toilet trick of having a shower at the same time to hide sound and smell impossible.

The Gig was great but I can report the German's don't have the same banter as the scots at a GIG. no idea why but the atmosphere wasn't the same. But the venue was cool and you got served at the bar quickly was a braw wee night.
The gig was at and we got the tickets off with no problems.

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