Monday, 9 December 2013

Costa Rica 16.11.13

"We awoke at 5am, had a very 'exciting' breakfast of toast and wandered though San Jose to get a bus ticket. The wander was intense (because i'm a wuse) but we managed well and found the bus station. On our journey we saw rat corner, cup corner, human faeces street and came to the conclusion Billy is the master of directions (when i'm tired). After the purchase of the ticket we headed back to the hotel room and packed our stuff. The walk to the bus station was heavier and more awkward with our backpacks attached to our bodies but we made it.  I also managed to get money after calling my bank, apparently you're meant to do this before you go."
"we boarded the bus, comfy seats! The journey started with Spanish titanic, pure shite. but it was cut short and replaced with an awesome Spanish film which we will Google and watch again with English sub titles. It was bloody Brilliant. The bus was longer than expected, 7 hours! but was quite fun, more for me though, Bill got a bit grumpy. Selfies kept us entertained for a while. We drove through many villages and arrived eventually in Tamirindo where a very happy taxi driver drove us to Hotel Bula Bula in Playa Grande where I sit now. "
"Last night we enjoyed beer and food but turned in early as it had been 48 hours in total from Scotland to our first real hotel. We tried to learn Spanish on the bus but its not been overly successful."

So again you might get the impression that San Jose is not great and definitely a stop over place. Also we were not 100% sure that it was human shite but we defiantly saw a rat go over someones foot. I was pretty nervous about getting the bus, again because i'm a wuse, but it was actually totally fine. it was only $11 each, the seats were comfortable and the movie was great. It was 7 hours which was the negative part but we got stuck in traffic because of an accident i think.Also it was quite cool going through all the wee towns. It would have cost over $100 each to get there if we rented a car or got a shuttle bus thing. You get the bus from the Atlantico station (see map). Everyone said watch your bags and all that shite, everything seemed fine to me. But i would watch my bag on any train in Glasgow Central too so just use common sense. 

I'll talk more about the amazing hotel bula bula in the next post. 

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