Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 15.8.13

"Woke up from another sleep in a bed with no hangover. The car was re-organised and we headed towards Inverness. Had to stop by My friends place of work to deliver cakes and Billy nearly dropped beer in the co-op. We drove over the Skye Bridge and wee windey roads to Culloden campsite. Posh campsite, mostly for motor homes but there was a few spaces for scabby campers. Upon arrival we were attacked by a swarm of flies. When the tent was up, the flies were gone. We headed to Lochness and fished away the afternoon with a few cans. We caught nothing. Was fun though despite a few tangled rods. Then we went to Asda, got dinner and a sea bream to falsify a photo suggesting we caught a fish so i could win a bet i had with my dad. As usual the fire was burning, we had a BBQ, marshmallows and more Stella. We had to be quiet because all of the motor home folks were sleeping."

This campsite, culloden, was a bit more up market and slightly more expensive at £20 a night but it was nice and everyone was friendly. Again we know nothing about fishing but i think we are getting better, despite the lack of fish.

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