Sunday, 8 December 2013

Billy n Jean- How it all started

I met Ginger Billy in September of 2012 in a Glasgow club after a few bevies. We enjoyed a few drinks, we danced the robot had a cheeky wee snog and bought a sausage roll at the 24 hour bakery before parting ways. We met up a few times after that before we had the awkward conversation confirming we were in fact a couple.
Billy- Billy is a fairly typical west of Scotland bloke sporting ginger hair, very fair skin and is 6'4". He's very smart but lacks common sense at times. He has a great sense of humor and enjoy causing and being involved in awkward situations with strangers. He's a happy go lucky guy and very sweet.
Jean- As i'm the one writing the blog there's no need to chat about my personality. But i'm a 5'9" lass with pretty big curly hair and tanned skin. The skin tone's are important to know as it is a recurrent theme throughout this Blog.

I decided to write a blog about all the holiday's me and Billy go on. The reason for this is that I'm a nervous person who over thinks things and without Billy's adventurous nature i wouldn't get to do half the fun things we do together. But it got me thinking, there's bound to be loads of people who, like me would be reluctant to travel places or do certain things. So I thought that i'd share my experiences with travelling so that others who share my reluctance might be more likely to do exciting stuff.

To reiterate the dynamic between Billy and Jean, on our infamous third date, he took me to Pitlochry and surprised me with a bungee jump. I would never have voluntarily attempted a bungee jump, but with Billy's encouragement I can say I've done a bungee jump off the Killycrankie bridge.
The Lassys in the video are not me but that's what I did, and would never have done with out Billy.

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