Sunday, 8 December 2013

Berlin 15.3.13

"Cold nipped my face while the chinese man informed us the pub was full of school childern. So we went to Zum Weinerwurst for pork knuckle and bratwurt. We walked 4 or 5 miles around Berlin, went to the Topography of terror. On our way home Turkish Mariachi pick pockets were on out subway home. It sounds shite but it was a great day."
"We left out hotel at 9:30pm, got the s-bahn to Ostbahanhoff station, we saw a large man in a purple jacket get arrested by 4 polize officers. We got off at ostbanhoff station and the atmosphere was tense. There were a few angry drunk football Germans and we may have seen a drug deal. Luckily this was the end of the crime spree. We walked along the Eastern Gallery to the water front boat bar. It was near closing so just for one. Then we went to Simon Dach Strase (street with lots of bars). We has a bottle of wine in an Italian wine bar, then Pizza and beer at a take away shop. Being Jakey basts we preferred the beer in the pizza shop. In Berlin you can drink on the street so we got some road beers and headed to the next place. After much consideration we started our pub crawl in a red bar with love hearts and a gazebo outside. When we entered I thought Billy was gettin started on because two guys looked him up and down with a strange look on their faces. We ordered a couple of pints and took in out surrounding. It took us ten minutes of listening to Abba, seeing lots of glittery bar staff to realize the two men were not starting, they were in fact checking Billy out and we were in a gay bar. We then walked further up the street till we came across a Bar, which appeared to be a wetherspoons with sand on the floor and a few palm trees. We had white Russians. Wine Beer and white Russians meant Nick boaked when we got back to the hotel."  

Berlin is a brilliant city with so much history, you cant do too much in one day because it is pretty heavy. And I don't need to link anything because there's so much to do you can make your own decisions when you get there. The Topograpghy of terror was very interesting tho.

The start of our night out may have read scary but it wasn't, that's me being a wuse. Writting in retrospect what we saw was no different to a Saturday night in Glasgow Central Station. So i would definatly recommend the walk along the wall to see the Gallery which leads you to simon dach strasse where you will defiantly have a good night. There's loads of pubs and loads of amazing beers!

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