Monday, 9 December 2013

Costa Rica!! 15.11.13

"we left my Glasgow flat at 6:30am. The taxi drove us to the airport and we began the long journey to Costa Rica. A stressful week prior to our departure combined with significant lack of sleep meant we were both like zombies, excited zombies. We hung about the airport for some time, got toasties and flew to London. The flight to London was uneventful although there was a water bottle explosions when the lid fell off my bottle soaking my leg and the lady next to me. London Airport was shite and pretentious (Gatwick) with shops like Tiffany's and Harrods. We discussed what we would shop lift and made judgments on innocent passers by. The pretension continued when we attempted to get food, out choices were Pret, a champagne sushi bar or Starbucks."
"We boarded our flight to Miami. The flight to Miami was uneventful apart from Rafa Nadals lookalike invasion of my personal space and the wastage of 1 hour 50 minutes of eye use on the worst film in the world, Grown ups 2. Rafa Nadal lookalike, who at first glance looked like a girl was the main memory, my main painful memory. "
"Arrival in Miami was F***ing ridiculous. we had paid the ESTA (which is essentially an admin fee) to pass the airport which involved a 6 lane queue, a bitch who couldn't speak, only tap and wouldn't let me borrow her pen, another bitch who stuck her hand in our faces rather than speaking and security people that shouted at you for having shoes on. Eventually we passed through the airport, was the best bloody £28 I've ever spent (ESTA)."
"We boarded our flight  to San Jose. We had another uneventful flight due to the fact that we both slept like logs. Arrival in San Jose was again uneventful and we walked out the door to meet millions of guys asking if we wanted a taxi. for no particular reason we chose a short chubby man who took us to out hotel Fleur de lys where we arrived and slept pretty much instantly. "

fleur de lys Hotel was a sweet little hotel and a perfect place for a stop over. San Jose is alright but there's so much to do else where that its really just a stop over place. So as far as stop overs go i'd recommend the hotel...only thing was the breakfast was shite and mostly gone by the time we got down at 9am, breakfast is really important to me.
Miami airport is a giant pain in the arse... if you can avoid it do, no amount of people watching will help you get through, everyone was raging. It was a bloody long queue (Rafa Nadal got through first which was salt to my wound), everyone has to pick up their bags and the security people were so rude! The level of irritation might have been related to how tired i was but me n Billy decided not to ever go through Miami ever again.

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