Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 11.8.13

"Today the weather was very Scottish and as a result Ben Nevis was dingied. The Gnome was left at the tent side and Billy and I headed to town. We realized that we are touring Scotland and we (mostly me) were somewhat unprepared for the rain. I did not have suitable footwear and was known in the hill walking world as a 'tracky wearing fanny.' So we left Mountain Warehouse stocked up and ready to take in the weather, in the next place, not here. Instead of climbing Ben Nevis we went to the Nevis range high wire challenge. initially it appeared it was a place for children as we were the only adults that were not parents. However when we started it was in fact for grown ups and brave children. We did two high wire courses with no falls or awkward frady cat moments."
"After banter at a height we went to Tesco  and bought meat for a BBQ. After much manlyness from Billy the fire was lit and meat began to cook. Everything tasted amazing although Billy has a mild salmonella scare, He's was ok. Due to the epic spot under a tree, 2 massive brolly's and a warm fire we stayed outside in the on/off rain drinking Stella till 9:30pm, ending the night with a cup of tea."

I cannot reiterate how important the above ground fire was. No one else was able to sit outside because of the weather. an essential Scottish
camping bit of equipment.
Banter at height

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