Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 16.8.13

"We awoke after our last day camping. we started the day with a three hour BBQ & salmonella sausages. We hadn't headed up the coals properly due to impatience. Sausages were abandoned and we settled for beans and bread. Tent ect packed and we headed to Urqurt Castle. The car park was full so we didn't actually get to go and see it but we drove past, which was nice. We passed a garden, got out the car but it looked pish so Billy took a pee then we went left. We then went to the golf driving range. Golf is hard but Billy was a good teacher. Unlike the dad with his two daughters next to us. After golf we checked into the hotel and went shopping for a bikini. We went round charity shops for a new jacket and had to get a Celtic scarf for me as i will be attending my first Celtic game in Aberdeen. "
"Got back to the hotel and swam in the pool for an hour or so. Initially it was calm and relaxing but things got pretty competitive. The more we raced the more my boobs popped out the bikini that was too small. After swimming we got ready and headed out to the mustard seed for dinner. Amazing food and wine, got half cut. we also sort of stalked a couple sitting next to us because we couldn't tell what their story was. A lady fell off her chair, then we went to the James Fox bar for a few more drinks. Billy got called 'stretch' by a grey haired wanker and the guy in the flowery shirt sharted, it was howfin. Brilliant day. "

The stuff we did during the day was daft and no recommendations come out of it particularly the gardens that Billy took a pee in! but there's pleanty of stuff to see, jus maybe not Urqurt castle, if that car park is full you're not getting in and its a tiny car park.
the Mustard Seed
The restaurant was great, food was braw, staff were nice and it wasn't expensive but it could have been because it was that good. I well recommend it, as does Billy. Inverness on the whole was really nice place had a great day walking about the shops n' stuff.
The hotel we stayed at was nice too, Craigmonie, but Billy booked it and he doesn't look for a bargain so might have been pricey. Although it was one of the best hotel breakfasts i have ever had!

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