Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 17.8.13

"Woke up very hungover and tired, headed for an epic breakfast! EPIC BREAKFAST! checked out and headed to Aberdeen. We drove past the smallest town in Scotland (Inch) and arrived at the Hilton Aberdeen to get our tickets for the game. We walked the wrong way to the stadium but eventually got to the terrifying crowd of green weegies. I didn''t speak for a while because it was overwhelmingly rough, I got searched. Eventually (after the first half) I began to relax and had a good time. After the game we headed back to Billy's flat for a nap before meeting a few of his mates for dinner and pints. The night ended in the casino. 
Was a brilliant holiday which ended this morning with a bath and brunch at Billy's. We're not posh, we don't often brunch, but we do often sleep in and have breakfast at lunch time. Brunch is really a jakey breakfast. Next Scotland Road Trip will be this time next year and we're going to go round the islands."

Scotland is a beautiful place despite the unpredictable weather. It rained every day on out holiday however if you embrace camping and go with the attitude that it might rain the whole time, you appreciate the sun shine. It can be a testing holiday as putting tents up and down can be a bit tricky but we managed fine with no drama. My advice for a camping holiday is bring warm clothes, a golf brolly each, wellies and most importantly an above ground camp fire. Most camp sites won't let you light a propper camp fire because it wrecks the ground. But after oor wee road trip the fire is an essential thing to have so you don't have to go into your tent at 7pm! 

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