Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 12.8.13

"This is written in hindsight so some of the element of the story might be shite. Currently its 15.8.13 and i'm in Iversneckie (Inverness). So we woke up, tidied tent then drove towards Mallaig. When we got there we were the lucky basts that got the last ferry tickets to Skye at 1:30pm. So we had a couple of hours to kill in Mallaig. We had culin skink soup and peppermint tea. As one does. Then we walked about the town. The highlight was mallaig view point."
"Then we ferried it to Skye. Pure bute. Was a wonderful afternoon...then things took a turn for the worst. Billy and i have learned that rough camping is hard and we needed to be more prepared. We drove for quite a while before coming to this conclusion. However while in the process of reaching this conclusion i was tired, needing a pee and being a bit of a grumpy cow. We caved and abandoned the idea of rough camping and headed to a campsite. Campsite number one, shite, campsite number two looked braw so we decided to stay there."
"We started a fire and sat under the brollys cooking more meet on the BBQ. Because of he combination of Stella and campsite surroundings the bitchy cow that was hanging around died and the night ended on a good note. Also Skye is so pretty and it should also be noted that although Jean was more grumpy, Billy showed some signs of grumpyness"

Getting the ferry from mallaig to skye is a must, it was amazing Also there's loads of nice cafe's and stuff in Mallaig to kill time before your ferry. The campsite we stayed at, I cant remember the name of but it was 5 miles outside of Portree and easy to find. Do not attempt to rough camp in Skye, the grounds are mushy, there's millions of midges and way harder than anticipated.
I cant be sure but I think this is the campsite we stayed at.

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