Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotland Road Trip 10.8.13-17.8.13

Our 'sunny' holiday isn't till November so for a summer get away we decided to go for a wee road trip round oor wee country.

"After a restless nights sleep we awoke at 9:30 am to a full fry up. We left my ma n pa's hoose with all the camping gear and headed to Perth. Perth is all of 20 minutes away from my ma n paw's hoose but there was a few last minute items we needed at the camping shop. There was much last minute faffing about in shire of Perth including a long walk around Asda, an expencive trip to the camping shop, halfords and McDonalds for milkshakes and camping essentals. "
"we got to Fort William at 2:45pm. Our road trip we saw the place where Billy first walked a dog, a man running with a fridge on his back and bonnie scotland. We put up the tent-Nae bother because of my amazing skills. We then went to a gondela up the Nevis range. While on the Gondola we discussed whether you would die if the gondela fell off. It was felt that serious injury would be sustained but life would be ok, A previous accident on the Ben Nevis confirmed out thoughts. We googled it, no death"
"After this we returned to the tent for beer and soup. We sat outside as long as Scotland allows making fun of the loud English man and the couple in the tiny tent. Billy gave me a gnome, the gnome will accompany us on our road trip"

Brilliant camp site
You camp right next to Ben Nevis, views are stunning and the toilets are good by campsite standards. Advice for camping is to bring an above ground camp fire for warmth and fending off midges. This allowed us to stay out doors much longer than other campers.


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